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Corporate headquarters
employees, year 2019.

We contribute to the following SDG

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Our Team Is Made Up by Exceptional People

Year 2020 was very challenging for the entire Amarilo family. Within the framework of the health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the primary fronts of the company was to protect and to look after the wellbeing of all of its workers.

In this way, to implement the measures decreed by the National Government, on the 18th of March it was decided to send home all workers and to allow the remote work from home of those people whose physical presence at the company’s facilities was not indispensable. Regarding the sales rooms and the work sites, the same remained closed from that date until the 29th of April, moment in which the National Government authorized the gradual opening of several economic sectors that were critical for the reactivation of the economy, which included the construction sector.

Our commitment, from that moment, was to proceed with an organized reopening, guaranteeing the implementation of the biosafety protocols with the strictest rigor in our 60 projects nationwide, fully complying with the measures of social distancing, disinfection, personnel protection, working hours, among other. Also, we were able to open the showrooms on the 1st of June, with all the protocols in place. It is worth mentioning that most of the workers of the corporate headquarters continued working from home for the whole year, and all the resources needed to do so were given to them.

This year turned out to be an opportunity to adapt ourselves to new types of work and relationships, ensuring the continuity of our processes under safe operational conditions.

General services employees, corporate headquarters. Year 2019.

Management and Retention of
the Human Talent

GRI 102-8 A primary objective of the company is to hire, improve and retain high-potential employees. To do so, there are talent processes in place in which we endeavor to identify the groups or workers who have the greater projection in the company, defining potential development plans and ensuring a fair and competitive compensation. GRI 103-1, 103-2, 103-3

During year 2020, the company was able to maintain the same employment conditions of the workers, always abiding by the principles of equality, inclusion, respect and diversity.

However, after a rigorous review of the structure of the business enterprise, considering the new circumstances that we were facing, associated to the pandemic and the effects thereof on our operation, in May of 2020 we implemented a voluntary retirement plan for a group of people (31 in total) that represented 1.76 % of the total of employees of the company at that time.

tipos-de-contrato composicion talento composicion-humano

Composition of the human talent by age range


Talent according to location

segun ubicacion

Formal Employment and New Hires

The people who come to work for the company undergo an exhaustive selection process in which the technical and human competencies are assessed, as well as the adjustment of the candidates to the values and the culture of the business enterprise. We select people that are passionate about their work, with a vocation of service, capacity to learn, leadership skills and adaptation to change; conditions that are important to reach the strategic objectives of the company, particularly in a year so atypical as 2020.

We prioritize the retention of the key talent, implementing training and development actions that allow us to make the most of the talent, at the same time that we see to the maintenance of a good labor climate and a fair and competitive compensation. GRI 103-1, 103-2

Adaptation of the Work Conditions During the Pandemic

Workers who worked at
job sites or sales rooms







Direct workers who worked
from home or in alternation




Workers with permanent paid leave (article 140, CST)







In spite of the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Amarilo celebrate the growth of several workers through professional promotions.

Promotions 2019-2020 by Sex









indice de rotacion

Turnover rate



New Hires

The direct hiring by Amarilo was reduced this year for two reason: first, because the process of mass hiring that the company was carrying out for the personnel that had initially been hired through temporary services’ companies concluded, and, second, due to the completion of some of the projects. In addition, due to the global conjuncture derived from the pandemic, the company froze the new hires until the second half of the year, moment in which a reactivation of the sales was evidenced. The vacancies caused by the retirement of personnel were not filled in an immediate manner, awaiting the evolution of the situation. The foregoing, of course, had an impact on the turnover of personnel, which closed, in December of year 2020 in -0.56 %. GRI 401-1

During the year the priority was the hiring of the operational personnel for the job sites to boost the reactivation of the construction of the projects as soon as the National Government and the local authorities allowed us to reopen them.

New Hires

New Direct Hires

New Temporary
and Direct Hires

2020 2019
Managers and directors 5 3
Coordinators / residents 29 16
Analysts 11 18
Room Managers 0 1
Consultants and commercial executives 5 20
Auxiliaries: office, administrative and engineering auxiliaries 13 18
Building Masters and Warehousemen 13 0
Operational Personnel 47 0

Employees at a corporate volunteering activity. Year 2019.

A Healthy Environment:
Workers’ Wellbeing

Our own indicator

A relevant factor for the company is to provide for the workers a safe and harmonious work environment, in which we look after the equality, the respect for the diversity and the inclusion. In all of our processes we assess the experience, the knowledge and the skills of the person, without distinction of gender, identity or race.

In order to guarantee a favorable working environment, periodically we carry out surveys to measure the organizational climate and, based on the results, we define action plans that promote the motivation, the commitment and the wellbeing of all of our workers. The Organizational Climate Survey is made every two years. In year 2020, it was carried out during the months of February and March.

We generate different spaces for the people to take part in activities related to healthy lifestyles (sports, nutrition, health, integration, among other). As part of the Amarilo Vital program, which seeks to promote the physical activity and the healthy eating habits, the wellbeing spaces were adjusted so the people were able to take advantage of them in the new virtual reality: classes of yoga, zumba, stretching, active pauses, activities of integration and leisure (contests to play as a family, bingo).

vital1 vital2 vital3 vital4 vital5

Participants in Amarilo Vital

93personas participantesvital 435personas

*The frequency indicates that one single worker took part in several activities.

Maternity and Paternity

GRI 401-3

Total, licenses 37


20 Men


17 Women

No. of employees who returned to work after the leave



No. of employees who came back and stayed



The retention rate for the licenses
ended in 2020 was affected by:

vencimiento del contrato

of contract

retiro voluntario


mutuo acuerdo


The Best Investment in the Social Capital:
Training and Instruction

Among the strategies for the retention of the human talent, the training and the development play a crucial role; that is why we focus on implementing programs that strengthen the skills needed for the integral growth of our workers. We promote the professional development within the business enterprise in order to prepare the workers to be able to have access to new opportunities in the company. GRI 103-1 GRI 103-2

However, we do not necessarily conceive the growth with hierarchic promotions in order to have a low turnover rate in the company, but also to give the possibility to increase the responsibilities regarding scope in the position itself or in other areas.

To prepare the people to assume new challenges, we developed an annual training plan that seeks to strengthen the technical competences and the skills that are relevant for the business enterprise. The training programs were adapted and focused on the needs that arose according to the new reality, in particular reinforcing issues of leadership and communication, as well as to provide to the people the tools to work from home in an adequate and correct manner. GRI 103-2, GRI 103-3

Within the framework of the conjuncture, the training in biosafety was carried out jointly with the area managers and the support of the Occupational Risk Manager (ARL by its Spanish acronym), and it was defined to cover several different topics and to reach all the direct and temporary workers, as well as the contractors in the work centers:

protocolo 1

Permanent training in biosafety protocols and cares to be taken inside and outside of the work sites, implementing several strategies, including digital channels that ensure the coverage of the entire population.

protocolo 2

Every day, the OSH team reinforces, in all the projects the concepts of the biosafety protocols and their application in the day to day, as well as the communication and the training in the changes that may be required.

protocolo 3

Simultaneously, the company has furnished its workers with tools for the adequate management of the emotions in the current situation, through virtual talks and conferences.

Skills Management and Training Programs 2020


GRI 404-2, 205-2

Business Ethics Program
Everyone working for the company
To divulge the Business Ethics Program, to promote the coherent and ethical behavior of everyone working for the company.
OSH Program
Everyone working for the company
To develop the occupational health, safety and environmental competencies of everyone working for the company, be them direct employees, temporary ones and contractors, in order to promote clean, safe and healthy work environments.
Business Development Area
To extend the knowledge of the BIM methodology to the roles and profiles involved in the process, both internal and external (consultants) of the company, in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes, time, costs and communication between the parties, in order to reduce the reprocessing and the waste in the projects’ life cycle.
Strategic Commercial Management Course
Directors, coordinators, Salesroom Managers of the Commercial Department
To strengthen and boost the commercial competences in order to incorporate new methodologies, practices and a more strategic vision that impacts the attainment of organizational results.
Workers in the Commercial, Receivables, Treasury and Accounting fronts
To guarantee the knowledge and command of the functions of Oracle’s fronts to ensure the fluidity and integration of the processes.
Effective Meetings’ Course
All the workers
To generate a dynamic learning experience for the workers to know practical tools for the planning, the development and the follow up of the physical and virtual meetings. By means of the e-learning the worker may know manners for its meetings to be more effective and productive.
Adaptive leadership in times of uncertainty
Managers, directors and coordinators
To strengthen the competencies of leadership in the leaders of the company, taking into account the global context, that allows an adequate management of the work teams.
Emotional management of the equipment
Director, coordinators and analysts of the Accounting Area
To promote ties of trust and communication in the work teams that allow the development of harmonious and enriching labor relationships, in particular in times of pandemic.
Significant conversations in the virtual environment
Managers, directors and coordinators of different areas of the company
To develop communication strategies in the work teams by means of group workshops that allow strengthening the ties of the workers in a virtual context.
Customer service and handling of objections
Coordinators and analysts of administration provisional
To develop in the workers the skill to recognize and choose the key factors of the communication, the adequate interaction and the handling of objections, to achieve an adequate relationship with clients and residents
Development of skills and competences required for the remote work
All the workers
To develop the competencies and the skills required for the adaptation of the workers to remote work, by means of talks and workshops the purpose of which is to develop practical tools of adaptation, self- care, management and communication with the work teams.
New realities, new skills
Directors, coordinators, residents, analysts, consultants and auxiliaries in job sites and sales rooms
To promote the self-care and the wellbeing of the workers by means of the self - knowledge and the self-management of the emotions that facilitate the adaptation to the new working conditions.
Leadership in times of change
Managers, directors and coordinators of different areas of the company
To boost and strengthen the competencies of leadership and communication of the leaders of the company, in order to contribute to the development of high-performance work teams and to facilitate that results are obtained
Leaders that last
Directors, coordinators and key positions of the company that manage work teams
To strengthen the leadership of the workers who manage work teams by means of practical tools that allow an effective leadership.
Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism Self-Control and Management System (SAGRLAFT by its Spanish acronym)
All the workers
To ensure the knowledge of the SAGRLAFT management system to protect the company from being used as a tool to commit the crimes of money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
Office automation tools
All the workers
To strengthen and boost the knowledge and the management of the office automation tools such as Microsoft Excel that allow the worker to have a better productivity and to make a better use of the tools provided by the company for the discharging of their duties.


Total training hours

Total training hours
for unskilled labor

Total training hours
for skilled labor

Total training hours
for top management

2019 2020

GRI 404-1

Performance Evaluation

Amarilo seeks to have high standards of effectiveness and quality in its processes. To ensure their compliance, we measure, in a periodic manner, the individual performance, propitiating support spaces in which the bosses can boost and motivate the workers to generate a greater value for the company. This year we evaluated 431 workers. GRI 404-3 GRI 103-1

We assessed all the people who complied with the conditions defined in the performance evaluation policy. This tool allows us to identify the level of compliance in respect to the management indicators and the gaps in terms of competencies, to give focus, in this way, to the training and instruction programs. In addition, it allows us to make decisions regarding promotions and opportunities of development.

segun sexo

evaluation by gender

70.339 Gal
94.909 Gal

The performance evaluation applies to all the workers who have started to work with the company before the 30th of April of year 2020. All the workers from the position of analyst I, at the main office; of resident, at the site, and room manager, at the showroom, are evaluated on an annual basis, provided the conditions defined in the policy are met.GRI 103-2, 103-3