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Roberto Moreno Mejía


Andrés Pacheco Rincón

Message of the Chairman

Carlos Pizano Mallarino



Roberto Moreno Mejía


Andrés Pacheco Rincón

Message of the Chairman

Carlos Pizano Mallarino



Roberto Moreno Mejía

Message of Roberto Moreno, President of Amarilo

We present this sustainability report at a historic moment for mankind, which has been deeply challenging at the personal, corporate and society levels. This year life has invited us to take a break to give ourselves the opportunity to choose, in a conscious manner, the way in which we want to live this new stretch of the road.

Personally, to me these challenging months have been useful to reaffirm several things:


The family as the cornerstone of society.


The urgency to tackle in an articulate manner the overwhelming social inequalities.


The capacity of the Colombian people to overcome difficulties when we get together for a higher cause.


The fundamental role of the business enterprises for the development of the country.


The urgency to get together to promote a new generation of political leaders that are equal to the challenges and opportunities currently on the table.


The awareness about the impact of our activities on the environment, and the crucial responsibility to implement substantial actions to reduce the effect thereof on the planet.

We at Amarilo understand, today more than ever, that our role goes beyond our immediate circle and it must be addressed from a wider appraisal of the country. It is imperative that our acts strengthen the social fabric of our communities and also to support and promote local leaders that inspire and that are drivers for the collective change. It is also vital to get together, as society, to rebuild the trust and to promote a collective leadership that allows us to live the dream of a prosperous and equitable country, with opportunities for everyone and guided by strict ethical values.

This tough experience of the pandemic must be seen as an opportunity to choose, in a sensible manner, the changes that we want to see in the world, in our country, in our communities and in our families. To achieve this depends of all of us, because the challenges are very complex and therefore there are no simple or short-term solutions. This is the moment to leave the differences aside, to work together on the reconstruction of Colombia and to set the bases of the country of our dreams.

Amarilo, its wonderful people, its partners and I, in my role, are all committed and ready to assume this challenge.

Gerente general

Andrés Pacheco Rincóna

Message From The CEO

The challenges that we had to face during year 2020 because of the pandemic made us realize, more than ever, the importance to continue to use all our efforts to develop our sustainability strategy.

A first front of action, at the start of the lockout, was to focus on identifying and supporting the vulnerable population of the communities in our areas of influence. We were able to articulate and join efforts with our partners and strategic allies to channel the aids to that population, in permanent coordination with the local authorities, fulfilling, in that way our duty of solidarity.

In addition, regarding our team, we implemented all the measures aimed to protect the formal jobs and, in that way, to look after our personnel and their families during these times of huge challenges and difficulties for a lot of people.

Since the construction was one of the first sectors that were allowed to reopen due to their contribution to the generation of jobs and, therefore, to the economic reactivation of the country, we have rigorously worked on the implementation of the biosafety protocols issued by the national and local authorities in order to achieve, since the month of April, a safe and staged return of our teams to some 60 projects and sales rooms nationwide. In several jurisdictions we obtained, from the local authorities, the recognition of our sites as “safe sites”. Additionally, we have established work-from-home schemes for our administrative workers and for the company’s operation support in order to promote their care and the care of their families.

During the year we saw how the sector was able to pick up its sales dynamism. In the case of Amarilo we reached our target of delivering to the Colombian 9,122 housing units, a sales total of $ 1.79 trillion pesos. This achievement was possible thanks to the implementation of new strategies to approach the customers through the virtual channels and also by being able to understand the new needs and to seek the manner to transfer them to our designs and products. The pandemic has opened for us, in this way, a significant space to rethink the spaces that we offer and that today must harmonize the family life, the work from home and the leisure times.

One learns during the crises, and one gets tested. Without doubt, today I can say that we have been strengthened by this pandemic; we have learned many lessons and we have also had painful situations along the way, but today we are a sounder, more closely knit company, that has a greater confidence in the future and in the future of our country. Our workers, clients and communities know that we look after them. Our commitment is to carry on moving forward with enthusiasm to reach our goals, always guided by our contribution to our country with the creation of jobs, the creation of spaces that offer conditions of comprehensive wellbeing for the communities who live in them and the commitment to carry out all of our activities within the framework of the principles and objectives that we have defined as part of our sustainability strategy.

Gerente general

Andrés Pacheco Rincóna

Message of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Amarilo has endeavored, for several decades, to acquire the competences to think up, design and develop large urban projects, in a way that few other organizations have done in Latin America. The dream to have a positive impact on the quality of life of entire communities has materialized through the construction of social fabric and respectful coexistence, the preservation and promotion of environmental resources with large green areas, generously planted with trees, as well as the care for water, the reduction of the environmental impact through the responsible management and use of the day to day resources and the preservation of the wealth of its customers through the appreciation of their high-quality real estate, in the best locations and in the nicest surroundings. In large-scale, multiple uses projects, it is possible to build cities within the cities that represent true oasis of wellbeing and coexistence.

In product design, Amarilo identified urban areas susceptible of being developed with urbanism concepts that are generous in public space and with a rich and diverse institutional offer, with functional and aesthetical designs that propitiate a kind way of living, with the highest quality standards to preserve their attributes and to ensure their appreciation.

In terms of social impact, Amarilo has committed with the preparation of its customers for a respectful and happy life in the community, it identified and encouraged the positive leaders and trained the members of the groups to collectively manage the common assets with transparency and efficiency.

Lastly, in the environmental dimension, from the conceptualization of the projects Amarilo made sure to offer wide green areas and a diverse service offer to minimize commuting. The landscaping and construction techniques mitigate the impact of the interventions and ensure thermal efficiency to reduce the environmental footprint. Exacting esthetical standards were in place to ensure that each project become an integral benchmark to promote balanced and sustainable development.

Sustainability is in the heart of Amarilo’s strategy and it has been the basis of its successful and innovative differentiation. For this reason it represents the essence of the work of the Board of Directors, which is in charge of validating, enriching and follow-up the initiatives that preserve it and that project it into the future.

About this report

Welcome to the fifht sustainability report of Amarilo Colombia S. A. S., which incorporates, in a rigorous manner, the guidelines of the GRI standard, essential conformity level, reflecting the social, environmental, financial and corporate governance performance during the year 2020. It also evidences our contribution in Colombia to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) prioritized by our reason of being GRI 102-12, 102-1, 102-50, 102-52, 102-54

The information here contained corresponds to the period comprised between the 1st of January and the 31st of December of 2020 of Amarilo Colombia S. A. S. The periodicity of this report is annual, and its last edition was that of year 2019. For further information about the historic data of our sustainability progress please consult our website or access the following link:

In order to ensure the thoroughness of the material aspects and of the methodological guidelines, this report was validated by the office of the Legal Manager as well as by each one of the leaders in charge of the handling of the relevant issues for the company and its stakeholders. It must be pointed out that it has not been subject to external verification. GRI 102-49, 102-51

GRI 102-48, 102-49 Some information has been restated, in particular the organizational profile and good corporate governance practices . Should there be any change in the calculation of indicators, the same will be mentioned in the relevant section.

Please email us with any questions or suggestions that you may have at: GRI 102-53



To promote, develop and market housing projects, commercial and business projects, creating spaces for the people and contributing to the construction of sustainable cities and communities.



By 2025 we will be the number-one Colombian company in all the regions in which we operate, tackling each day as an opportunity to improve the quality of life of the Colombian people through the construction of sustainable cities.