Supply chain: Responsible Procurement

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The purpose of the Responsible Procurement Program is to generate valor to the SMES that are part of the supply chain to institutionally strengthen them through the incorporation of good environmental and social practices preventing, in that way, legal, operational, and reputacional risks for Amarilo. GRI 103-1, 103-2 For further information about the program, please visit:

In 2020 we finished a two-year learning period with the vendors and contractors pilot group. We evidenced that many of them must improve their understanding and integration of good practices, in particular regarding the environmental matters.

During this period, we gave them support with training spaces, with practical tools that they were able to replicate in their business enterprises. Some of the subjects reviewed were:




Climate change


Environmental Management


Corporate Risk




Sustainability as
business strategy


Ethics and corporate

Construalmanza team of employees.

On top of this and with the purpose of knowing the progress of the pilot group, mid-year we carried out a pedagogical evaluation, evaluation that had no contracting purpose. This evaluation contained questions regarding environmental, operational, corporate governance, human talent and supply chain performance. The positive answers had to be backed with corporate documentation in order to get a high score.

The pedagogical evaluation allowed us to assess the companies in several categories according to results: excellent, very good, good, acceptable and deficient; and, with that, to give to them some recommendations for their ongoing improvement plans.

At Amarilo we want to promote the growth of the business enterprises and, in consequence, the responsible procurement; that is why it is important that they are aligned with our policies and corporate values, one of which is the sustainability.

We have a commitment: to continue supporting the small and medium enterprises within the framework of the program, so they can be prepared for the contracting and for the evaluation of vendors and contractors with sustainability criteria as of year 2022.

In 2021 we will begin with a new group of vendors and contractors, reaching more business enterprises every year with the purpose of promoting their social responsibility from the viewpoint of risk management and the inclusion of good practices.