Relationships with the Stakeholders

We think of sustainability as the manner to do business in a responsible manner, that is to say, optimizing the natural resources and protecting the environment, generating value to all the other stakeholders and not only to Amarilo’s shareholders.

The sustainability is, then, the collective construction for a better business enterprise, promoting the socioeconomic development and respecting the environment, taking into account the expectations of the stakeholders within the framework of the operation of the company.

In this way, from the different areas and within the framework of the different activities, we capture, through one and two-way communication tools, the interests of different stakeholders in order to adjust the organizational objectives that so require, always striving to protect the performance of the company and the wellbeing of the groups with which we constantly work at close quarters. GRI 103-1, 103-2, 102-40, 102-42, 102-43, 102-48

The priority stakeholders for our activity are:

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Partners and Landowners

To create sustainable economic value through good corporate practices in an environment of corporate trust and transparency.

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Create and strengthen the working conditions and the spaces of dialog, trust and team work that favor the professional development and the quality of life of the workers.

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Suppliers and contractors

To facilitate the tools for its institutional strengthening as allies, promoting their growth and sustainability, ensuring, in that way, the timely supply for Amarilo.

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To offer differentiated value propositions, answering to their needs, through the excellence in the customer service that allows their preference for Amarilo.

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To strengthen the tools for the community management and the healthy coexistence in Amarilo’s projects, in order to reinforce the social fabric and appropriation of the spaces for the permanence and the care thereof.

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To strengthen the alliances and the negotiations with the financial institutions in order to obtain financial leverage to develop the projects.

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Local and National Government

To participate and to contribute to the strengthening of public policies in favor of the development of the sector and of the society. Also, to comply with the regulations for the performance of the operation, thinking of going one step further.

Value and Supply Chain

For further information about our value and supply chain and the manner in which it is arranged, please consult the prior reports at the web portal: GRI 102-9, 102-10