Amarilo sales room. Year 2019.

We Stand Out for Providing the Best: Customer Service

Our own indicator

The clients are the reason for the existence, and the heart, of Amarilo; that is why we strive to provide a process that is easy and motivating, understanding their needs and supporting them to fulfill their dreams. Through the supply of clear and timely information, together with the support of the brand, the customers confirm, with confidence, one of the most important decisions of their lives.

The customer service is evaluated by the Marketing Office through the permanent improvement of the following strategic activities: GRI 103-1, 103-2, 103-3


Measurement of the NPS (Net Promoter Score) indicator:
Which allows us to improve the internal customer satisfaction processes. We communicate with those who did not have the best experience in order to improve their expectations within the framework of the operation.


Safe Petition, Claim and Complaint (PCC) closing and post-sale: Internal follow-up between areas and with the client to verify the latter’s satisfaction with the post–sale or their PCC. The closing effectiveness in PCC is of 90 % and post-sale is greater than 80 %.


incognito Customer:
Attention in the channels that we have made available to the customer (physical / virtual), together with training guided by internal protocols, to ensure, in this way, clear, coherent information and consistent with the philosophy and the policies of the company.

To Deliver Dreams to the Colombian People
Is to Reach far Cities in Operation

With 28 years of experience in the market, as a Colombian company we are very proud to be consider as the number one construction company in terms of corporate reputation, according to Merco. We have more than 100 projects in 1attention in the channels that we have made available to the customer (physical / virtual), together with training guided by internal protocols, to ensure, in this way, clear, coherent information and consistent with the philosophy and the policies of the company. Seven cities of the country, which include housing, offices, warehouses and commercial area developments.

Our portfolio caters to the needs of all the Colombians who wish to acquire their dream home, in all the socioeconomic levels and in the main regions of the country. GRI 102-2, 102-3, 102-6

ciudades ciudades

Fontanar project, Chía.

We Reinvented Ourselves During 2020 with Home from Home

casa desde casa

Throughout this conjuncture we had room to think and to create new ways to reach the Colombian people. For this reason we worked hand in hand with the IT area in processes of innovation, digitalization and adaptation in this virtual era.

The creation of the Home from Home channel was one of several successful innovations’ in Amarilo. The purpose of this channel was to connect the customers with the tools of the Sales Rooms, in a remote manner, so they were able to live the experience and know the projects as if they were physically in the Sales Rooms, facilitating, in that way, the remote sales.

In addition, to give an integral support to the buyer, we entered into strategic alliances with trust managers in order to carry out the legalization of the proceedings through digital tools, and thanks to it now the entire separation process takes place online.

In Amarilo we had started the adaptation to the digital era since before this conjuncture. At the level of design and construction, as a bet for the digitalization of the sector, we have been working since year 2015 with BIM (Building Information Modeling) and this year the Office of the Commercial Manager started with Oracle, in which the following modules were implemented:

  • Sales Cloud, module in which the entire commercial activity and the sale process will be carried out.
  • Service Model, in which the issues related to complaints, requests and claims will be managed.
  • Module of the ERP accounting system, in which all the financial, accounting and receivables’ management processes will be consolidated.
  • Primavera module, in which the entire works’ and construction management will be made, as well as the control of inventories for those processes, in order to be able to have all of Amarilo’s processes aligned and integrated within one platform that is located in the cloud, which will allow, besides, to have sustainable improvements regarding the efficiency and efficacy in the operation.

We have invested more than COP $12 billion
during the last three years in platforms
such as BIM and Oracle.

During the months of mandatory confinement, thanks to the virtual channels, we were able to carry on fulfilling the dreams of the Colombian people to own their own homes. Between March and May 650 homes were sold, which represent sales for COP $140,872.382,136. Afterwards, with the opening of the Sales Rooms, between June and December 6,392 housing units were commercialized representing COP $1,242,616,378,538.

Attention channels for the customers

Remote Sales’ Channel


LISA: Amarilo Customer Service

Contact Center


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We did not have cases of breach related to the marketing information that could have led to the imposition of sanctions. GRI 417-2, 417-3 During this year, we received 22 claims from potential customers for the leak of personal data, who requested to delete them from the databases, Said data was removed from the relevant list and hence they will no longer receive commercial information from Amarilo. GRI 418-1

In addition, in 2020 we achieved:

We committed to…


Define service policies, placing the costumer as our focus to seek the greatest satisfaction in every moment with the organization.

With the creation of the Home from Home channel we were able to get close to all the customers interested in buying a home.

We defined a virtual attention protocol, considering the health conjuncture: registration, profile of the customer, agenda in rooms, enrollment and separation. These protocols were standardized by us with the consultant’s personnel and the commercial team to guarantee, in that way, the quality of the attention.

For this, it was key to implement training sessions with the commercial team regarding virtual service and attention. Likewise, we made approaches through virtual events by means of live transmissions in social networks, thus providing a new experience.


Reflect the dream to satisfactorily acquire a space with a unified system for the treatment of post sales.

The constructions’ and the commercial areas worked together to create and socialize a post-sale protocol that will help us to streamline the petitions that may be made by the customers. This protocol was socialized with the site directors and with the commercial team to seek the agility and effectiveness required in the solutions to be given to the clients. Likewise, we have started to internally execute these processes in the Oracle platform that will help us with the traceability of the requests and the status thereof at all times.